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GOVERNING California: A Leadership Forum - 2011

Oct. 6, 2011 | Sheraton Grand Sacramento | Sacramento, CA


Post Conference Follow Up

As mentioned at the Leadership Forum, Jenkinson is also featured on the nationally syndicated public radio program, the Thomas Jefferson Hour – which its producers call a “radio program that models Civil Discourse, Critical Thinking and Good Citizenship.”  You can subscribe to The Thomas Jefferson Hour through iTunes or stream it from the program’s website,

Governing in the 21st century has unique challenges – decreasing revenue, stubbornly high unemployment, increasing pressure of healthcare costs on budgets. In the midst of these challenges are opportunities to examine operations and functions, and discover new ways of doing the business of government. This forum will bring government leaders from all levels together for discussions on GOVERNING California.

Who Should Attend

Executives and managers in:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Public Safety and Corrections
  • General Services
  • Finance
  • Transportation, Energy
  • Planning and Economic Development
  • Information Technology

Government Registration is free.

Morning Keynote:   

Clay Jenkinson - Author, Interpreter and Historical Scholar
A Debate for the Ages: Jefferson a
nd Hamilton

Clay Jenkinson will portray our third President, Thomas Jefferson, and our first Secretary of   the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, who were both vital to the founding of our nation. The issues they argued—federalism, economics, the role of government— are, more than 200 years later, still as debated with the same passion and intensity.

 Lunch Keynote:

  Neil Howe

Neil Howe, Founding Partner and President, LifeCourse Associates
America Enters a New Season of History: What are the New Rules?

Neil Howe explains a remarkable pattern in American history, a cycle of recurring eras driven by generational changes, he calls “the forth turning.” How will it transform the working environment of every public servant and government leader? With his insight on generations, Howe offers a road map that explains where America is today—and, more important, where it is heading—as team-playing Millennials enter young adulthood, pragmatic Gen-Xers take over as midlife managers, and visionary Boomers move into elder leadership roles.

View the complete agenda here.

Featured Speakers:

David Maxwell Jolly
California Health and Human Services


Beth Blauer
Maryland StateStat


P.K. Agarwal
TiE Global


The Honorable Andy Klein
San Carlos, California


Scott Pattison
Executive Director

Selvi Stanislaus
Executive Officer
California Franchise Tax Board



Register Now!

If you represent a Private-Sector organization and are interested in attending the Forum, please contact Fred Kuhn, Publisher, 202-862-1455.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Leadership Forum, please contact Fred Kuhn, Publisher, 202-862-1455.


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For conference registration and general assistance contact:

Katie Howard, Registration Coordinator
Phone: 916-932-1300 ext. 1421

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