May 29, 2013


Wednesday May 29

Time Session
8:30 - 9:00AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 - 9:15AM


9:15 - 9:45AM

Shared Fortunes - Building a Better Georgia

The state's governor, a Republican, and the mayor of its largest city, a Democrat, discuss how they are working together to advance a common agenda.... more

Moderated by:
9:45 - 10:45AM

Shared Fortunes - Sorting Things Out

The twin forces of permanent fiscal scarcity and tectonic demographic shifts will greatly alter the relationships among the levels of government. Sooner or later, there... more

10:45 - 11:10AM


11:10 - 12:10PM

Concurrent Sessions


Management - Staffing to Win in a Post-Recession World

Attracting, training and retaining highly talented and motivated staff is critical to achieving high-performance government, and it has never been more difficult. Layoffs, furloughs, pay... more

  • Duriya Farooqui - Chief Operating Officer, City of Atlanta
  • Monica Ivey - Director of Human Resources, Georgia Department of Transportation
  • Ross King - Executive Director, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia
  • Erin Waters - Publisher, GOVERNING

Regional Collaboration - Economic Development

In "Collaborate or Perish! Reaching Across Boundaries in a Networked World," Zachary Tumin of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and William Bratton, former police... more

Moderated by:
  • Blake Ashbee - Interim Executive Director, Governor's Office of Workforce Development
  • Mike Beatty - Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  • Steve Brown - Chairman, Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Georgia
12:10 - 12:45PM


12:45 - 1:45PM

Luncheon Keynote - Thomas Jefferson and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Few economic-development endeavors have been as ambitious and perilous as Thomas Jefferson's decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory from France and then to send Meriwether... more

1:45 - 2:00PM


2:00 - 3:00PM

Concurrent Sessions


Management - Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefit Costs

According to the National Association of State Retirement Administrators, pensions account for about 3 percent of all state and local government spending, which is down... more

Moderated by:
  • Erica Pyatt - Associate Publisher, Finance, GOVERNING, Finance, GOVERNING

  • J. Anthony "Jim" Beard - Chief Financial Officer, City of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Richard C. Dreyfuss - Senior Fellow, Center for State & Local Leadership, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, New York
  • James R. Meynard - Executive Director, Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund, Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund
  • Steve Vaughn, AIF(R) - Retirement Services Director, ACCG/President and CEO, GEBCorp

Regional Collaboration - Meeting the Infrastructure Challenge

For decades, the research evidence has been clear that successful regions are those with well-functioning infrastructure systems. In transportation, water, wastewater treatment, energy and other... more

Moderated by:
  • Steve Allred - Former Director of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality,former Assistant Secretary of the, former Assistant Secretary of the, U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Toby Carr - Director of Planning, Department of Transportation, State of Georgia
  • Biju George - Interim Executive Director, Greater Cincinnati Waterworks,, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Bob Hartnett - President and CEO, Transportation & Expressway Authority Membership of Florida
3:10 - 4:10PM

Concurrent Sessions


Management - Balancing Risk and Innovation

Can governments learn? There is no learning without mistakes, and yet governments historically have had an extremely low tolerance for errors. For that reason, the... more

Moderated by:
  • Kevin Coughlin - Policy Initiative Advisor - Executive, Division of Long Term Care, Department of Health Services, State of Wisconsin
  • Sandra Elizabeth Ford - Director
  • James R. Meynard - Executive Director, Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund, Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund
  • Rosa Waymon - Director, Office of Human Resource Management, Georgia Department of Human Services, Office of Human Resource Management, Georgia Department of Human Services

Regional Collaboration - Functional Consolidation and Shared Services

Regional Collaboration - Functional Consolidation and Shared Services It is the paradox of region and place. To achieve efficiency in service delivery, we need the economies... more

Moderated by:
4:10 - 5:00PM


Join the GOVERNING staff, our sponsors, our speakers and your colleagues as we rehash the highlights of the day over drinks and appetizers.... more