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GOVERNING Summit on Healthy Living - 2011

Dec. 6, 2011 | Atlanta Botanical Garden/Day Hall | Atlanta, GA


GOVERNING’s Summit on Healthy Living
Policy, Innovation, Collaboration

Americans spend a lot more on health care than the people of any other country in the world.  A whopping $7,960 per capita.  The Norwegians are a distant second at $5,352.  So what are the results we get for all that money? Among the 34 OECD countries, the United States ranks 26th in life expectancy and 30th in infant mortality.  Clearly something is wrong with this picture.  And a further look shows what it might be.

Americans are the fattest people in the world.  We rank number one in the OECD – again by a very large margin – in the percentage of our population who self-report that they are obese. 

Obesity is rapidly becoming America’s number one chronic health care problem — overweight and obese individuals have a projected cost of $270 billion per year in the United States. 

While First Lady Michelle Obama has made fighting obesity one of her primary goals through her “Let’s Move!” campaign, this is an issue where every level of government—and the private sector community — needs to get active, in coordination with the health care community, schools, community groups, urban designers, transportation experts, and public safety leaders.

This issue spans a variety of policy and planning areas from safer communities to transit oriented design.

Recognizing that social and environmental determinants shape health outcomes, our agenda takes a four prong approach to healthy living, incorporating

  • Transportation
  • Public Safety
  • Education
  • Nutrition

To help government executives address this critical issue, GOVERNING will host its first Healthy Living Summit in Atlanta. The summit represents an Intergovernmental and inter-sector effort to elevate attention to a credible and effective national social movement around healthier living.   The Summit will provide leaders with model policy and outcome-based programs to make a difference in their communities.  

A national audience will engage in community dialogue about what best practice looks like to develop healthier towns, cities, and regions.

The Summit is designed to:

1. Engage state and local leadership in building a healthier America across the generations from childhood to old age

2. Provide leaders with tools, information, and relationships to build and sustain healthy communities

3. Create a network of leaders from various communities and sectors to establish a national movement for healthier living


The GOVERNING Summit on Healthy Living is FREE to attend for all public sector employees. Register Now!



  •  Mick Cornett
  •  Mayor, Oklahoma City

  •  Valerie Brown
  •  Supervisor, Sonoma County;  Advisor to President Obama’s  Advisory Group on Prevention,  Health Promotion, and Integrative  and Public Health

  •  Parris Glendening
  •  Former Governor for the State of  Maryland; President, Smart Growth    America

  •  Ron Sims
  •  Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S.  Department of Housing and Urban  Development and former County  Executive for King County,   Washington

  • Hon. Kip Holden
  • Mayor, City of Baton Rouge

  • Patrick Johansson, MD
  •   Nebraska Rural Health Education Network, Member, President Obama’s Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health

  •   Mark Funkhouser, Ph.D.
  •   Director, GOVERNING Institute


American Heart Association American Institute of Architects


For information on attending and general assistance contact:

Anthony Yanez, Registration Coordinator
Phone: 916-932-1300 ext. 1348


For more information on sponsorship opportunities contact:

Erin Waters, Associate Publisher
Phone: 202-862-1453

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