Aug 27 - 28, 2014


Wednesday, August 27

5:30 pm

Opening Welcome Reception


Thursday, August 28

8:00 am
Mezzanine Level - Alcott Foyer

Registration and Continental breakfast


8:30 am       
Alcott Room 

Welcome and Attendee Introductions

Bob Graves, Associate Director, Governing Insitute  


8:50 am

Introduction to FutureStructure

Chad Vander Veen, Editor, FutureStructure, e.Republic


9:15 am        

Opening Remarks

Mark Funkhouser, Ph.D., Publisher, Governing & Director, Governing Institute


9:30 am    

Moderated Panel: Cities as a System

A new approach is needed for 21st century city and community building. This session will give examples and describe the many challenges and opportunities associated with a design process that integrates transportation, education, infrastructure, economic vitality, jobs, finance, social and environmental quality as well as governance. Embracing a long-term view while responding to near-term demand for action these systems will need to be:

•    Connected, well integrated and smarter with greater responsiveness to community needs
•    Supportive of and less destructive to the environment
•    Energy efficient with systems themselves designed to be maximally efficient
•    Responsive to new technological opportunities in design and construction
•    Smart financial investments that are less expensive to build and operate
•    Built with capital raised through the most efficient mix of financing methods
Marina Leight, Senior Vice President, Governing
The Honorable Jonathan F. Mitchell, Mayor, City of New Bedford
The Honorable Mark Stodola, Mayor, City of Little Rock, Arkansas

10:00 am    



10:15 am    

Moderated Panel:  Optimizing Our Water Systems

The U.S. is on the cusp of a new era where communities across the country are tackling water challenges with innovative solutions that were once thought impossible. A movement is afoot to create new regional and local sources of water in a world where water resilience is more and more in demand. This panel will take a deep dive into optimizing our most precious resource.
Mark Funkhouser, Ph.D., Publisher, Governing & Director, Governing Institute
Fred Laskey, Executive Director, Massachussetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)
Rebecca F. West, Chief Operating Officer, Spartanburg Water, South Carolina
Robert Zimmerman, Jr., Executive Director, Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA)

10:45 am    

Moderated Panel:  Decentralizing Our Energy Systems                    

The harnessing of fossil fuels of the last century and a half enabled the urban and technologically advanced cities we know today. Yet in many ways fossil fuel energy is undermining the viability of the modern age and our large, centralized, one-way distribution model is giving way to one that is more decentralized and smart grid enabled. This panel will explore how communities can take better control of their energy futures while becoming more resilient at the same time.
Erin O'Connell-Diaz, Senior Fellow, Governing; Commissioner Emeritus, Illinois Commerce Commission
Abigail Ross Hopper, Esq., Energy Advisor, Governor Martin O'Malley & Director, Maryland Energy Administration
Jonathan Koehn, Regional Sustainability Coordinator, Community Planning & Sustainability, City of Boulder
Brian Swett, LEED AP, Chief of Environment, Energy & Open Space, Office of the Mayor, City of Boston

11:15 am    

Moderated Panel:  Using Waste as a Resource

The predicted growth of cities will result in a massive increase in municipal waste, both organic and inorganic. It no longer makes sense economically or environmentally to dispose of waste using landfills. Waste is rapidly proving to be a viable and valuable commodity – how can cities of different sizes and resources turn trash into treasure? This panel will address these questions and also examine how solutions like bio fuels, waste-to-energy, waste recovery and anaerobic digestion are changing our mindset about waste.
Chad Vander Veen, Editor, FutureStructure
Fred C. Beach, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Energy Policy, The University of Texas at Austin
Christopher S. Crockett, Ph.D., P.E., Deputy Commissioner, Planning & Environmental Services Division, Philadelphia Water Department
The Honorable Aric Nesbitt, Michigan State Representative, 66th District

11:45 am    
King Room    



1:00 pm        

Three - Moderated Small-Group Discussions

The afternoon sessions center on three rounds of small-group discussion. The discussion groups will focus on delving deeper into the topics and ideas raised during the morning panels. The small-group setting will be used to encourage discussion about success stories and the enabling factors that contributed to success; opportunities for overcoming critical barriers to incorporating FutureStructure framework; legislative and regulatory considerations; and financing and funding considerations. Each small-group will have a moderator whose primary tasks will be to facilitate discussion and report back to the group at-large with key findings, concepts, ideas and strategies presented during small-group discussions. The data generated by these discussion groups will also inform a post-summit report.

1:00 pm

Moderated Small Group Discussion - Soft Infrastructure

1:45 pm

Moderated Small Group Discussion - Hard Infrastructure

2:30 pm


2:50 pm

Moderated Small Group Discussion - Technology

3:45 pm
Alcott Room

Moderators Report on Small Group Discussions

4:15 pm
Alcott Foyer