Aug 27 - 28, 2014

FutureStructure: Water Waste & Energy Summit 2014


We all want to know the future. But even better than knowing the future is having a guiding hand in building it. At FutureStructure we believe that cities will be the proving ground for innovative infrastructure development. By 2050 more than 70 percent of the global population will live in cities. This will mark a fundamental shift in human civilization. What we choose and what we set in motion today will have ramifications on generations to come. It is our position that 21st century is the century of cities. Prosperous cities will be those that operate as systems capably designed through an integration of ideas, infrastructure and technology. But these smart cities need smart people to supply them with vision and innovation. That’s where you come in.

Built around the theme of “Making the Most of Regional and Local Resources: Water, Waste and Energy” the 2014 Boston FutureStructure Summit is a unique opportunity for public sector leaders to meet and look beyond traditional boundaries toward a collaborative, connected future.

What do you want the future to be? What are the challenges standing in the way of achieving it? If you have interests and expertise in energy, water, waste, engineering, policy, planning, sustainability or technology the Summit is your chance to share your experiences, to get inspired, and to learn how the FutureStructure framework can help solve the issues facing your community. The Summit will be a day of thoughtfully crafted, deeply-interactive discussion and fellowship inspired by research from the Governing Institute. And what’s more, the ideas that spring from the Summit will help inform a first-of-its-kind report on how the FutureStructure framework can assist state and local government leaders who seek to build the great cities and communities of the 21st century.

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