Sep 23 - 24, 2014

Cost of Government Summit 2014


This important summit brought together public sector finance experts, state and local government executives, policy experts and other practitioners to share insights and formulate strategies about how to successfully meet the challenges facing their jurisdictions. The event takes a close look at the real costs of government, and examines tools and strategies to help officials achieve greater efficiency and more value for their agencies and their communities.

Facing economic volatility, permanent fiscal scarcity, demographic shifts and more extreme environmental patterns - state and local governments need new tools for the new normal. Growing demands on service delivery require that jurisdictions find ways to do more with less; and to do it better. At this year's Cost of Government Summit, we explored the major cost drivers of government, such as personnel, Medicaid, education and corrections; as well as the new costs of resiliency. How can spiraling costs be managed?

Attendees learned data solutions for greater efficiency and effectiveness and heard from national leaders on effective performance management strategies. The Summit provided attendees with actionable ideas and important takeways to manage the cost of government and maximize the value of government.

After the Summit, Governing will publish a Cost of Government Guide, capturing the highlights, new ideas, and practicable takeaways on how to cope with the cost of government in these challenging times.

Click Here to view the Cost of Government Guide for 2014.

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