Sr Smartly Resourced

A smartly resourced city optimizes its revenues, people and technology to make the greatest difference in the life of the community and the well-being of its residents. By definition, tradeoffs are inherent in municipal budgeting, as are tough decisions around borrowing and making infrastructure and other investments. By acting as stewards for current and future generations, city leaders strategically plan to use scarce resources toward their greatest and highest use.

Linkage Fees Key to Helping Residents in Hot Markets

Innovative funding strategies are one way communities can help ensure no one gets left behind in an economic upswing.

Anjali Chainani

Director of Policy and GovLabPHL at Mayor's Office, City of Philadelphia

Bracing for Mid-Year Budget Cuts

Three ways cities can maximize their spending and investments

Planting the Seed of Change

Practical strategies to help cities become equipt for innovation

Capturing City Stories

A snapshot of the benchmark survey results from the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey.

New Study Identifies the Best Cities for Good Government

The first of a now annual report details what cities are doing well and where they could improve.

Andrew Maxwell

Director of Policy and Innovation, City of Syracuse

How to Get an "Eventful" Economic Boost

Helpful tips to ensure your city's events make a positive impact

Realizing the Innovation Dividend

Why Being Equipt Matters for America’s Cities.

The Innovation Equation

Working with Living Cities, Governing has identified a set of seven elements that constitute a framework for fostering the innovation cities need.

Inside New York’s Major Health-Care Overhaul

In the state that once spent the most on health care, Jason Helgerson found ways to cut New York's costs. Now he's leading one of the nation’s biggest Medicaid reforms.

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