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Governing U is an index of public sector management and policy degrees from universities across the country. It provides a single source for browsing offerings from Master of Public Administration (MPA) , the Master of Public Policy (MPP) and the Executive MPA and certificate and other professional programs designed specifically for the education needs of working professionals in public service.



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  • Jackson State University
  • Description

    The Department of Public Policy and Administration seeks to prepare students for significant professional and managerial positions.  The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills of contemporary manage¬ment, provide a broad understanding of the role of administration in decision-making process, and provide a sound foundation in ethics.  Additionally, an important component of our mission is to serve as a resource to the greater community.  Concomitantly, it is the goal of the department to produce high-quality research and provide technical assistance which furthers progressive agendas.

    The goals of the PPA Department are to:
        * provide a cadre of highly trained individuals who are committed to public service in a variety of organizational settings.
        * develop advanced educational opportunities for students of public administration in an urban environment where a multiplicity of governmental opportunities, interactions, and practices can be experienced.
        * fill the need for public, high-level executive management, which exists in this state and the nation,
          particularly as this need relates to minorities and women.

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