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Governing U is an index of public sector management and policy degrees from universities across the country. It provides a single source for browsing offerings from Master of Public Administration (MPA) , the Master of Public Policy (MPP) and the Executive MPA and certificate and other professional programs designed specifically for the education needs of working professionals in public service.

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  • Arizona State University-Phoenix
  • Description

    The School of Public Affairs advances excellence in governance by creating, sharing, and applying knowledge of public administration.

    In support of its mission, we are committed to enabling students to analyze public problems, communicate, collaborate, make decisions, and manage public institutions effectively, ethically, and democratically; teaching and providing continuing education at times and locations appropriate for working students and practitioners; identifying emerging public issues, applying research to public programs, disseminating information, and proposing solutions to public problems; assisting public, private, and nonprofit organizations; facilitating community discourse on public issues; contributing to public affairs scholarship; and fostering the next generation of public affairs scholars.

    The new demands on public leadership in the context of global urban governance are unprecedented in complexity and scope. The ASU School of Public Affairs believes that the most influential contributions we can make are the development of multiple, useful, and realistic models of governance with accompanying processes for extended civic engagement and the training of a new generation of urban leaders capable of addressing the questions raised by the rapid growth of urban citistates.  We consistently rank in the top twenty-five public administration schools nationally and offer the only program in the region accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), uniquely positioning us to respond to these opportunities.

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