Columns & Blogs

  • Catalyzing Economic Success for Every Citizen
  • The Brookings Institution Deputy Director, Alan Berube, delves into how city leaders can combat the fractious effect of inequality for long-term sustainable economic growth. Learn the 3 key areas you should focus on.

  • Four Ways Data Can Unlock Cities' Growth
  • Discover how cities are using advance data analytics to identify local business opportunities, increase transit efficiencies, drive tourism growth and improve the quality of life for all citizens

  • Parag Khanna: Data-Cities Lead Economic Progress
  • Advice to city leaders: Dr. Parag Khanna, world-renowned city expert, highlights 3 critical areas that will bring substantial economic and community growth for the connected city.

Events & Webinars

  • GOV - Adobe Webinar - 6/6/2017
  • June 6, 2017
  • [Webinar] Join us June 6 to hear about evolving digital transformations in state government and how your agency can get ahead.

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