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  • Is Jailing Deadbeat Dads Effective?
  • A new trend in the human services field suggests it isn't. Instead of punishing noncustodial parents, officials are trying to help them find and keep jobs.

  • Are State Shield Laws a Double-Edged Sword?
  • Shield laws provide predictability, say media advocates. But some worry that championing such laws puts journalists in the same arena with those they cover.

  • States and Localities Realize the Importance of IGs
  • Although not every city and state is eager to form inspector general offices -- New York City leaders, for example, are currently debating the benefits of one for the police department -- the trend toward more of them has been steady.

  • Speeding Up IT Procurement
  • One of the surest ways to crush innovation is to run it through the typical government procurement process. Government purchasers have to act faster.

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