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First published nearly a decade ago, Measuring Up introduced thousands of public managers to the then-new concept of performance management in the public sector. It delighted readers who appreciated its real-world examples and explanations delivered with humor and irreverence, while deeply disappointing those seeking a seven-pound tome written in academic-ese with hundreds of pages of footnotes calculated to induce somnolence.

Unlike so many management fads, performance measurement has proved to have staying power, helping those in government learn to target resources to make their operations not only work more efficiently but also deliver better services to the people who count on them. In the years since the publication of the first edition of Measuring Up, much has been learned about how to employ it effectively — lessons that those who have embarked on performance measurement programs can share with those just beginning to explore this powerful management tool.

Like Measuring Up 1.0, the second edition is warrantied to be footnote-free — and to offer the same high water-absorption properties when placed under the reader’s geranium. 


Now more than ever, government agencies must be responsive and accountable to the public. Government can deliver results — and our performance measures help us prove that we’re making a difference in people’s lives. Measuring Up 2.0 presents a very readable account of how leaders can transform agencies to do just that.
Christine Gregoire, Governor of Washington

Who knew that performance measurement could be this much fun? Jonathan Walters has written an insightful, irreverent, and ultimately pragmatic overview of the current state of measurement, never forgetting that measurement is only worthwhile when it's used to learn and act.
Jim Chrisinger, The Public Strategies Group

Whether at a state work group advisory meeting or at the local firehouse, Walters remains politically incorrect but gets the salient points across with intelligence and wit. He makes the mundane fun and keeps the discussion focused on real issues.
Mitchell Khosrova, Associate Counsel, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and Vice President, Ghent, N.Y., Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1

Once again, Walters has created an understandable and readable roadmap for all public servants and officials to follow the path to making government more understandable, accountable, and effective. The reform of all levels of government will be initiated by those public servants and officials who are bold and committed to follow this path.
Joe Fistrovich, Assistant Director, Indiana State Budget Agency 

Not a tome, not another nerdy book on measurement. Jonathan Walters presents performance measurement in a way that helps the rest of us have a normal conversation about an incredibly important topic.
Marv Weidner, management consultant and former Director of Policy and Strategic Planning, State of Iowa

To those who still consider measuring agency performance to be some management “flavor of the month”: wake up and smell the coffee! Performance measures are now essential to the most basic responsibilities of a public-sector leader. ... In Measuring Up, Jonathan Walters makes the case with humor and insight. Performance measures — they’re not just for geeks anymore.
Larisa Benson, Director, Washington State Government Management Accountability and Performance program

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Jonathan Walters Jonathan Walters is a Senior Editor of GOVERNING. He has been covering state and local public policy and administration for more than 30 years.