Always finding new ways to look bad, S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford is backing away from a promise to release financial records relating to his travel to see his "soul mate."

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has backed out of a promise to release personal financial records proving he did not use state money for trips to see his mistress.

A day after Sanford declared in an emotional Associated Press interview that his mistress is his soul mate, spokesman Joel Sawyer says the governor does not want to discuss personal matters in the media anymore.

Too late!

Sanford is still baring his soul to legislators, apparently. Sen. Larry Grooms tells Politico that when he called the governor to say he'd be calling for his resignation, Sanford said, "Senator, you need to understand something. This is a story about true love."

"His physical presence may be in South Carolina, but I think his mind is in Argentina," Grooms said.

Blogger Josh Marshall agrees and says "just go be with her!" Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post says it's a question of when, not if, Sanford will resign.

Sen. Tom Davis, Sanford's friend and former chief of staff, has met with the governor and spoken by phone with Jenny Sanford but says he's going to continue to do "due diligence" before taking a public position on the idea of Sanford staying in office. Note that he's not offering Sanford support, necessarily.

Sen. Chip Campsen, another Sanford friend, says he has also reached out to their family but isn't saying publicly whether the governor should stay or go.