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The name "spam" was originally short for "shoulder of pork and ham." Now it's what I call all the e-mails that ...
by | August 29, 2006

Spam_4 The name "spam" was originally short for "shoulder of pork and ham." Now it's what I call all the e-mails that candidates for governor send me. Here's the latest:

* Massachusetts Democrat Chris Gabrieli launched a "Driven by Results Tour" earlier this month. What's next, picketers demanding performance-based budgeting? Unquestionably, that would be a sign of the apocalypse.

* Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich seems to think there's political advantage to be gained from his long-running feud with the Baltimore Sun. Lately his fundraising messages have called it part of the "liberal monopoly."

* I didn't think lemon trees grew in South Dakota, but apparently Democrat Jack Billion is adept at making lemonade. When his own brother held a press conference praising the state's new abortion ban, HB 1215, and criticizing Jack's opposition to it, he sent out a missive saying that the incident "underscores how damaging [Governor] Rounds' decision to make HB 1215 an election issue is to families, friends and neighborhoods in South Dakota."

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* Illinois Republican Judy Baar Topinka wants to freeze property taxes for two years and build a land-based casino in Chicago.

* Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is calling for legislative term limits, although, if lawmakers keep voting themselves pay raises, it's unclear whether they would ever affect anyone.

* Wisconsin Republican Mark Green has a well-made ad responding to Governor Jim Doyle's claim that Green is an extremist. In Back to the Future IV, Biff will bring this ad back in time to save Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign. We'll also finally learn why the first movie's Jennifer was a completely different person from the second movie's Jennifer.

* Georgia Democrat Mark Taylor is calling for a gas tax freeze.

* Arnold has an ad that says Democrat Phil Angelides has focused too much on criticizing President Bush and not enough on California. The Governator's campaign is also promoting a new book about him titled, "The People's Machine."

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