I read outgoing Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's book about weight loss when I was writing a story for Congressional Quarterly about his having shed 110 pounds. In it, Huckabee outlined a "12-STOP" program for ending bad habits and picking up healthy ones. Much of the advice seemed sound.

I see that Huckabee is taking the idea of running for president seriously, since I've just received his obligatory new book, From Hope to Higher Ground. Even though the book is about large societal issues, Huckabee clearly still is thinking inside the self-improvement mindset.

The subtitle of the new book is "12 STOPs to Restoring America's Greatness," including "STOP Robbing the Taxpayers," "STOP Abusing Our Planet" and "STOP the Revenge-Based Criminal Justice System."

For some reason, I don't see this book knocking Barack Obama from the top of the bestseller lists.