Glenn McConnell, Senate President Pro Tempore, joins the chorus:

"That decision is his alone. I do believe, however, that the Governor has lost the support of the people that is needed to govern. Therefore, I would ask the Governor to look in his heart and decide whether with his family situation and the public uproar over what he has done and said locally and nationally whether he can lead our state for the remainder of his term."

Ten Republican state senators have asked the governor to step down, while others say they are leaning in that direction. The Associated Press is reporting that 14 Republican state senators are supporting a resignation, which is a majority of the 27 GOP members.

The Charleston Post and Courier looks at the ramifications for McConnell if Sanford steps down. The state constitution calls for McConnell to take over as lieutenant governor, but that would be a clear demotion in power from his current job.

The count of newspapers calling for resignation stands at six.