Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker knows you think his city is a punchline. But he's out to change that.

After Conan O'Brien made fun of Newark this week, Booker bit back with a funny, Web-savvy response.

Here's what Conan said: "The mayor of Newark, New Jersey, wants to set up a city-wide program to improve residents' health. The health care program would consist of a bus ticket out of Newark."

Har, har.

Here's Booker's response:

Booker's smart and savvy.  I saw him on the Colbert Report a couple weeks ago, talking about "Brick City," the new Sundance Channel documentary about Booker's fight to improve Newark.

Here's his Colbert appearance:

So if Booker ever does decide to leave Newark, he's got late-night nailed.