Luv from the Guv: The Democrats

Yesterday I told you about the Republicans. Now here's all the news, speculation and intrigue, surrounding the presidential endorsements of the nation's 28 Democratic governors.
by | July 18, 2007

Yesterday I told you about the Republicans. Now here's all the news, speculation and intrigue, surrounding the presidential endorsements of the nation's 28 Democratic governors:

Arizona's Janet Napolitano: Close to Richardson, but showing no urgency in making an endorsement.

Arkansas' Mike Beebe: No official endorsement. Has said that Hillary has "a brilliance that few people can match and a heart that goes with it."

Colorado's Bill Ritter: Attended an Obama event, but remains uncommitted. Focusing on labor dispute for Democratic Convention in Denver.

Delaware's Ruth Ann Minner: Seems to have a good relationship with home-state Sen. Joe Biden, but no endorsement yet.

Illinois' Rod Blagojevich: Endorsed Obama the day he announced his candidacy.

Iowa's Chet Culver: Obama campaigned for him, Dodd attended his inauguration, Clinton met with him.

Kansas' Kathleen Sebelius: Seen as a vice presidential candidate, but has sidestepped endorsement questions.

The rest of the Dems after the jump.

Louisiana's Kathleen Blanco: Won't be in office in 2008, has attended an Obama fundraiser.

Maine's John Baldacci: In February told the New York Times of Obama, Edwards and Clinton, "None of them have called me." Someone's feelings hurt?

Maryland's Martin O'Malley: Endorsed Clinton in May. Bill and Hillary both campaigned for him last year.

Massachusetts' Deval Patrick: Close to Obama and Hillary (he worked in the Clinton White House)

Michigan's Jennifer Granholm: Clinton raised thousands for her reelection campaign last year.

Montana's Brian Schweitzer: Told the Washington Post, "I like a lot of them." Obama's shift against coal-to-liquid fuel could hurt.

New Hampshire's John Lynch: Three officials in his reelection campaign now work for Obama, but he's not tipping his hand.

New Jersey's Jon Corzine: Endorsed Clinton, calling her, "the most qualified person to be the president."

New Mexico's Bill Richardson: Supporting himself, presumably.

New York's Eliot Spitzer: Endorsed Clinton, saying, "She is a New Yorker through and through because she has charisma, courage, guts."

North Carolina's Mike Easley: Endorsed Edwards' '04 bid, in June '03, but, so far, nothing this time.

Ohio's Ted Strickland: Says he won't endorse prior to the Ohio primary, but insiders think he favors Clinton.

Oklahoma's Brad Henry: ?

Oregon's Ted Kulongoski: His former campaign chairman favors Edwards.

Pennsylvania's Ed Rendell: Hasn't endorsed anyone, he's just given $2,300 to Clinton's campaign and encouraged others to help her too.

Tennessee's Phil Bredesen: Quoted in NY Times: "Democrats certainly could not win in Tennessee with just a hard-nosed Nancy Pelosi-style Democratic agenda."

Virginia's Tim Kaine: Endorsed Obama in February, calling it "a very simple decision for me."

Washington's Christine Gregoire: Active in the moderate DLC, she isn't deciding yet.

West Virginia's Joe Manchin: Praised fellow governor, telling the Albuquerque Journal, "I think the people of West Virginia need to be introduced to Bill Richardson."

Wisconsin's Jim Doyle: Attended a fundraiser for Obama, who campaigned for him last year. No endorsement though.

Wyoming's Dave Freudenthal: ?

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