2:10 - hasn't started. crowded hallway space not good optics.

2:12 - someone just said, "guys, it's going to be about 15 minutes, just to let you know"

2:18 - South Carolina press corps, if that's who we're looking at, dresses pretty informally

2:21 - While we wait, here's Politico's lengthy "viewer's guide" to the news conference.

2:23 - here he is.

2:23 - starts by referring to conversation this am with Gina Smith of The State, now talking about "adventure trips" he took as a youth, throughout his life

2:24 - "what I have found in this job is that one desperately needs a break from the bubble." felt "profound frustrations" over stimulus money fight

2:25 - "not the whole story.... it's gonna hurt"

2:26 - apologizes to wife and family -- had been rumors about another woman

2:26 - says wife Jenny has stayed close by his side -- yet to say what he's apologizing for

2:27 - apologizes to staff, state for inventing "fiction" about where he was going

2:28 - gets emotional while apologizing to Sen. Tom Davis, a former chief of staff

2:29 - "I've let down a lot of people, that's the bottom line."

2:30 - talking about God's law, apologizes to state's religious community

2:30 - "I've been unfaithful to my wife. That's the bottom line"

2:31 - flirtation with Argentinian woman started with email, developed into something else this year

2:32 - asks for "zone of privacy" for family, if not himself. asks for forgiveness