Campbell Brown got an interview with Tom Davis, the South Carolina state senator and former top Sanford aide whom Sanford repeatedly apologized to during his confessional news conference.

Davis says he was unaware that the governor was cheating on his wife until earlier in the day, when he and Sanford sat down together for a long unburdening. That might explain why Davis was so much on the governor's mind during his public appearance.

He also indicates that it's not unusual for Sanford to take off for days at a time after session.

BROWN: Given that you probably know him better than anybody, how do
you explain his behavior, primarily the disappearance, without alerting
anybody to where he was going?

DAVIS: You know, it's -- Mark is a person that's very private and
Mark doesn't confide much. And the fact that he didn't share this
information with me, while not necessarily surprising, is shocking.

You know, as far as him, you know, leaving the past four or five
days, he's done that in the past. Back when I was his chief of staff,
after a legislative session, Mark would typically leave for about five
or six days, usually go to the (INAUDIBLE) farm, where his family has a
place in Beaufort County, or he would go hunting and fishing.

So, it wasn't out of the ordinary for him to take off after a
legislative session.

And he always had his cell phone with him, and he
could always be reached. Leave a message, and he would call you back.

This time around, I'm not on Mark's staff. I'm in the state senate
now. So, I wasn't really privy to the circumstances behind this recent
visit. But it doesn't surprise me, because Mark does go on these
trips. And, so...

Davis made similar points in an interview with the Beaufort Gazette .