Remember Jason West, the young mayor of New Paltz, NY, who made waves in 2004 for performing same-sex marriages (which later were determined to be illegal)?

Want to schedule some face time with him? Just have your living room repainted.

Yep.  West, who lost his bid for relection last May, is now painting apartments in New York City (and couch-surfing at friends' places).

As he told the New York Times , it's not his dream job:

"I hate painting with a passion," Mr. West said as he struggled to move a wobbly, knickknack-packed entertainment center from a wall he was about to slather with off-white latex. "I would rather be doing anything than painting right now."

It sounds like West's career angst has less to do with his support of gay marriage than his staunch allegience to the Green Party -- he told the Times that he's turned down political positions with the Democratic Party.

On the bright side, if West does ever return to public office, at least he'll have the whole "man of the people" thing down pat.