About Public Great

Public Great is a slightly irreverent home for government managers to learn, debate and add to the knowledge of how to make the public sector great. There is no fee to join – you just have to adopt the creed:

• The work of government is noble
• The people in government are amazing
• The systems of government are a mess

Public Great offers daily opportunities for public employees to learn and interact, including:

• A weekly blog topic about the management of government open to continued comments
• A weekly chat session (the Monday Meeting) to debate the blog topic
• A monthly Public Savants Podcast to explore the most intriguing monthly topics more deeply.

Blogs, chats and podcasts will focus on topics related to:

• Change
• Customer/Citizen engagement
• Efficiency
• Process improvement
• Teams
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Technology
• Innovation

In addition, by the time we’re done — together — we see a Public Great that includes:

• The Dart Board: Post what project/problem you are wrestling with, and we and the Great Community will throw darts at it (i.e. offer advice).
• Employee of the Month: Nominate someone in your organization who is doing great things. The winner gets a fake plaque and a hypothetical mug.
• Pulling the Plug: a running tabulation of abandoned IT projects
• Buzzword Bingo: a playing card you can use when asked to "leverage your synergistic skill-base to capture blue ocean innovations"
• Great Ideas: a wiki of what actually works to improve government. Don't reinvent the wheel when you can find your answers here.
• Great Friends: links to other helpful thinkers and resources
• Great Books: we review the books (public and private sector) that can impact our cause
• Great Community: connect with others


To Listen to the Public Great podcast from your iPod:
Open iTunes, open the "advanced" menu, select "Subscribe to Podcast" and paste the url below. Click OK.  Thats all!