In a Georgia Special, a Famous Name

Jimmy Carter's grandson guns for a seat in the Georgia Senate today in a special election.
by | May 11, 2010

They say the peanut doesn't fall far from the peanut plant. Well, actually they don't say that, but they could. Peanuts grow underground.

When a politics blog is talking about peanuts it is, of course, usually talking about Jimmy Carter. Today, the former president's grandson Jason is running in a special election for the Georgia Senate. The district, which includes parts of Atlanta and its suburbs, is reliably Democratic. No Republican is on the ballot.

Still, there's a lively race that seems to boil down to whether the residents of Senate District 42 are better off with a Democrat who is the grandson of a former president of the United States or not. The other Democratic candidate, lawyer Tom Stubbs, is a making the case that he has more experience, stronger local ties and more modest political ambitions than Carter. Since an independent and a libertarian also are running in the all-candidate race, a June 8 runoff is a possibility.

Today's also the day that Massachusetts voters will be picking a new senator for Scott Brown's old seat. I'll have more on that race later.

Josh Goodman
Josh Goodman  |  Former Staff Writer

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