Diana Taylor: The Bloomberg Household's Real Political Star?

New York Republicans would love to have Michael Bloomberg's girlfriend as a candidate.
by | June 7, 2010

I was really intrigued by a story in the New York Times last week about Diana Taylor, who isn't just New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's girlfriend. She also could have been the Republican candidate for Senate in New York this year if she'd wanted it. Some choice bits:

Republican lawmakers, consultants and operatives continue to describe Ms. Taylor — a former investment banker and state banking regulator — as a “perfect candidate,” a “grand-slam home run” and a “shoo-in” for offices ranging from governor to mayor of New York.

Their enthusiasm, as overheated as it may seem, can be traced to her eclectic résumé and a personal warmth that seems to stand out all the more against Mr. Bloomberg’s sometimes chilly demeanor.


Her work for Mr. Pataki drew the attention of Republican insiders; both candidates who sought the party’s 2006 nomination for governor, Mr. Faso and William F. Weld, confirmed in recent interviews that they separately asked her to be their running mate. That same year, the Bush administration considered nominating her to lead the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

If the gushing is justified, we may one day me referring to Michael Bloomberg as "Diana Taylor's boyfriend."

Josh Goodman
Josh Goodman  |  Former Staff Writer

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