Christie the Compromiser?

New Jersey's Chris Christie was a governor who wouldn't make a deal -- until he did.
by | July 8, 2010

Allow me, if you will, to take you back to a very different time. Temperatures in Washington were in the eighties. Lebron James was coming back to the Cavs. And, Chris Christie was a pugnacious my-way-or-the-highway governor.

I'm talking, of course, about last Friday. At that time, I wrote a long post about whether Christie, burdened by the lessons he learned as a prosecutor, could learn to make a deal. Over the weekend, he did.

The result is that New Jersey will soon have a new, tighter cap on property taxes. In the compromise with the legislature's majority Democrats, Christie gave up quite a lot.  While the cap will end up being even lower than the one Christie proposed (2% instead of 2.5%), it now includes key exemptions, isn't a constitutional amendment and can be overridden by a simple majority vote of local residents.

On all those points, Christie conceded. But, even if it's a partial victory for the governor, it's still the most notable victory of his tenure so far.

Josh Goodman
Josh Goodman  |  Former Staff Writer

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