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National Association of State Energy Officials 2014 Energy Policy Outlook Conference

NASEO’s 2014 Energy Policy Outlook Conference will focus on the energy and economic opportunity in modernizing the nation’s energy infrastructure—electric grid, pipelines, buildings, and transportation—to achieve a more resilient, sustainable, and energy efficient future. The need to modernize our aging energy infrastructure is among the most important global competitive challenges facing the United States. Our energy system is being stressed in order to meet complex operational demands, such as grid integration, shifts in resources and energy flows, cybersecurity, and an infusion of digital technologies across every sector of the economy. State, local and federal policymakers must find practical ways to incentivize public-private infrastructure investments that prioritize resilience, efficiency, affordability, and consideration of the impacts of weather events, demographic changes, and economic growth over the coming decades. Please join us for NASEO’s 2014 Energy Policy Outlook Conference as the nation’s State and Territory Energy Office directors, staff, and our public and private sector Affiliate members convene to address these important issues and consider how to assign greater priority to the resilience and efficiency of our energy infrastructure—electric grid, pipelines, buildings, and transportation—working together to create economic opportunity.

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